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Have you or your spouse, partner, child or parent, or any of your close associates and/or business associates, ever served as a head of state; head of government; senior politician; senior government, judicial or military official; senior executive of a state-owned corporation; or important political party official outside of Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China?

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*Our, and our associated/related and joint venture companies’, retail businesses consist of onboard, in resort, online and other related stores which market a wide variety of products, such as clothing, handbags, beauty products, jewelry, watches, electronics, consumable goods (for example, wine, food, health supplements and tobacco) and high-end consumer goods. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the product offerings will change from time to time.

Your attention is drawn to our privacy policy posted onto our websites www.stargentingrewards.com, www.starcruises.com.

All Star Cruises Genting Rewards have the option to concurrently be signed up as Genting Rewards Alliance (GRA) member. GRA is a global loyalty program that allows its members to redeem for products and Services offered by Star Cruises and participating Resorts World properties as well as participating partners. For additional information, please visit www.gentingrewards.com. Please tick the box below if you consent to this use.

GRA will contact you via the email address provided.

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